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As a resident of the ARA First Step Home you will be entitled to certain rights and privileges and will be expected to adhere to certain house rules. Our experience has shown these to be necessary for a happy and successfully operating home. We earnestly request full cooperation.

House Fees

There is a weekly fee for room and board which must be considered the resident's first obligation. Residents are expected to pay this fee one week in advance. 

This is a very important part of our rehabilitation program. The resident is helping themselves and others by paying for the shared cost to operate the home.

As a communal effort, all are expected to help with chores.

Residents are expected to seek gainful employment.


WiFi is provided as a convenience to any resident who wishes it for a small monthly fee.

Primary usage : Work, education/classes, job hunting, communicating with employers, family and friends.


The office will happily provide referrals to outside community resources (medical, dental, psychiatric, educational, vocational, and many more).

Residents are encouraged to avail themselves of these services and are given assistance in finding the most suitable ones.

There are three meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous held at the Home each week. All must attend three meetings a week.

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