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Alcoholics Rehabilitation Association,  Inc.

The Association began in May of 1954, when eleven members of the Mission Dolores Group of Alcoholics Anonymous met to discuss ways of helping the alcoholic in the more material phase of his or her return to a useful life.

It was the fervent dream of these charter members of ARA to provide a home where the recovering alcoholic could stay, with the companionship and mutual assistance of others with the same problem, and with the support and encouragement of those who had achieved sobriety .

ARA was incorporated in August 1955. It was organized to provide home facilities and rehabilitation programs, and to give general supervision and direction to the end that men and women who avail themselves of these facilities may be given the opportunity to regain and maintain sobriety.

The Board of Directors

The Association is governed by a Board of Directors, consisting  of sober members of the association who are elected each year at the annual membership meeting in April. All Board Members give freely of their time and service without monetary compensation.

The Staff

The majority of our staff are alumni of ARA and all are clean and sober with double digit sobriety. ARA staff understand what it is like to suffer from alcoholism and other substance abuse disorders and take pride in the work ARA does in helping our clients achieve long to sobriety and become productive members of society.   

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