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ARA Family

"True ambition is not what we thought it was. True ambition is the profound desire to live usefully and walk humbly . . ."

- Bill W. 

The ARA Board of Directors are a group of sober individuals who are all contributing members of their respective communities. They are elected annually by the Board.

The First Step Home is under the supervision of an Executive Director, Program Facilitator, and a Resident Manager who are responsible for admissions, purchasing, collections, maintenance and supervision of the Home staff.



Born in the Bay Area, Deborah started her journey at ARA as a client in 2011 and began working in the office just twenty-eight days in. After her two-year stay at ARA, Deborah moved to the Mission District and was offered permanent employment as the house secretary. In 2016 Deborah became ARA’s Executive Director. Deborah will tell you that ARA is truly her home and working there is a gift of sobriety that she is able to share with every person who walks through the door. Deborah's sobriety date is 02/07/2011. 


Rosemary immigrated to the US from Ireland with her family after her father passed away. Introduced to ARA as a resident in 1998, Rosemary was offered the position of program facilitator a year later. While working at the house, Rosemary studied and earned multiple certifications in counseling individuals with substance use disorders and addiction. Two decades at ARA have convinced Rosemary that “ARA is like a home, not just a place to stay sober.” ARA residents, Rosemary says, “still find companionship, freedom, independence, laughter, and a sense of belonging all while learning to maintain sobriety through the Twelve Steps.” 

Board of Directors

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